The lonely Christmas

As a child I had dream of the stars.
On Christmas Eve I would sleep early, without waiting for Christmas dinner. If sleeping I did not was feel the hours passed, so the meeting with the present, under the tree, would happen faster.
Over the years, supper has taken on greater importance. Loved ones, special friends, gathered in fraternization. The table filled with seasonal fruits, Christmas turkey, smoked baked ham, Christmas rice, panettone, mousse, dried fruits such as walnuts, almonds and hazelnuts.
And, this happened for years, until ... A Christmas had a unique configuration, it was the one I spent alone. In fact, there were two, but the latter was adorned with rare beauty.
Around 20 hours the anxiety of the people in the surrounding houses was already perceived, which only increased with the midnight approach. In that period, surrounded by the silence in which I was, I thought about the turns that life gives. How much had happened and that I had not even dreamed; opportunities I let pass; people I met, some who became great friendships, other passengers just like summer rain.
At one point I decided to fill the void with music, of Christmas, of course ... So I started my Christmas dinner, with smoked baked ham, cheese, wine and nuts. However, I wanted to do something that had a greater correlation with the date on which the birth of the Baby Jesus is celebrated.
It was past midnight when I decided to say a prayer and read Leon Tolstoi's chronicle, "Where there is love, God is there! ". I read aloud and at a certain moment my voice, more and more eloquently, reverberated in my soul, I could no longer see myself reading, but within the text. Well before I finished it my face was already flooded with tears and the environment under the effect of a glow that was not provided solely by the lamps. I spilled love not only from my heart, but from hearts that my eyes did not see. I felt that I was not alone.
If before I dreamed of the stars, now I heard the stars!
This Christmas was undoubtedly the most remarkable one I've ever spent, moments that I will never forget.
It was a magical night. Somehow, friends from other spheres have kept me company and have given me immense joy, which I now share with all of you dear friends. Friends from here and from outside Brazil.
Merry Christmas!!!

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